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Advanced Generator Maintenance Technology
Advanced Generator Maintenance Technology
Shorted Turn Detection For Generator Rotors

Turbo Gen Tech Ltd. along with Generatortch Inc. is the industry leader in shorted 
turn detection and analysis services, we offer flux probe design, installation, and computer 
analysis for power generators.

Shorted turns are a result of failed insulation between individual windings in generator 
rotors and can cause...
  • Load sensitive vibration
  • Undetected local winding hot spots
  • Excessive excitation currents
  • Efficiency losses

Turbo Gen Tech Ltd. specializes in the field of shorted turn detection and can help your plant operators and engineers pinpoint the causes of abnormal vibration, assist in major maintenance decisions and verify the quality of rewound rotors.

Valuable Predictive Maintenance Tool. In today's highly competitive electrical power market, predictive maintenance is an effective method of minimizing maintenance costs and downtime. Monitoring the condition of your rotor windings using the Generatortech, Inc. flux probe and analysis products will help you make informed decisions on "when" and "if" to bring a machine down for a rotor rewind.

Versatility and Quality. Turbo Gen Tech Ltd. can install probes in all power generator equipment, including Gas .. Steam .. Hydro .. Fossil .. Nuclear. Quality design, construction and installation is our top priority.

User-friendly Software. The software for the acquisition and analysis of data has been developed with plant maintenance staff in mind. The Shorted turn analysis program operates in MS-Windows (all versions) and requires little more than a basic understanding of MS-Windows operating features to utilize.

How it Works. Our shorted turn detection/analysis system measures flux-density changes in the stator-rotor air gap. The flux density reversal at each rotor slot are recorded at multiple load conditions for later analysed. The flux density at each slot, being a function of the number of active turns, is compared with its opposing pole slot to determine the number of inactive or "shorted" turns (Refer to Fig.2). Comparison with previously obtained or baseline data increases the analysis resolution.

Installation. Turbo Gen Tech Ltd. mounts a permanent search coil at a selected location on a stator slot wedge. Signal cabling is routed to the outside of the generator wrapper plate through a hydrogen gas tight seal to a rugged test cable connection fixture. The flux probe, cabling and installation materials are ressistant to the harsh environment within the generator. Probes are designed for each installation to assure that they do not interfere with rotor installation and removal (Refer to Fig. 1). Probe installation requires advanced planning and maintenance personnel should contact either Turbo Gen Tech Ltd. or Generatortech, Inc. during the planning stages of a major overhaul.

Figure 1

Analysis. The computer analysis program records and reduces search coil data, yielding a highly accurate "snapshot" of the rotor winding insulation condition. Turbo Gen Tech Ltd. performs full services, installation, testing and analysis with reporting and trend analysis.
Turbo Gen Tech Ltd. recommends baseline testing of new or rewound rotors and a continuing program of periodic testing for predictive maintenance evaluation (normally performed before and after major outages and depends on the generators availability for load changes, twice a year).

Figure 2

If you are currently planning a maintenance shutdown of a new or used generator, and would like more information regarding the shorted turns analysis products and service, please contact Turbo Gen Tech Ltd. and we will be pleased to answer your questions or discuss any problems you might be experiencing.            

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