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Advanced Generator Maintenance Technology
Advanced Generator Maintenance Technology
ELectromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection

The Best and Most Advanced Way to Test Stator Iron Core Insulation

Why Test Stator Cores?

Elevated "Eddy Currents" create hot spots which in effect can cause further and unpredictable deterioration to the core lamination insulation or to the actual core itself (core melting). Undetected and unchecked, this can lead to stator winding insulation damage, forcing the machine to be out of service.

EL CID is a cost effective maintenance tool for verifying stator core lamination integrity.

EL CID testing is able to:
  • Identify existing damage and localizing it
  • Reduce time of planned or forced outage

Advantages of EL CID Testing

  • Very small excitation power demand ~ 4%
  • Simple and easy setup
  • Elimination of further damage
  • Reduction in safety hazards

Reasons for Stator Iron Core Damage:

  • Compression plate relaxation
  • Loose bars and wedges
  • Foreign magnetic objects
  • Thermal core creeping
  • Interlaminar iron core insulation failure
  • Oil contamination
  • Incorrect wedging system installation


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